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Category: Programming

Adobe Shadow - Inspect and preview web workflows on iOS and Android devices

Shadow demoITStudent.net -  If you are front end web designer or web developer, you should check out Adobe Shadow. Adobe Shadow is for web designers and web developers that working on a mobile project. Shadow allows you to connect with multi devices to your computer wirelessly. While you browse on your computer, your devices will stay in sync and also target devices for more sync from your computer. You can make change to your HTML/CSS/Javascript on your computer and see the change instantly on your devices.

Hits: 2459 Written by Kim Ly Buck

Category: Know-how

Customizing the default overlay shortcut icon on Windows

ITSTUDENT.net - Customize Overlay Shortcut IconITStudent.net - On Windows operation systems, an arrow icon has been selected to overlay other icons on the left bottom corner to indicate that particular item is a shortcut. The selected icon for overlaying the others called overlay shortcut icon. By default, Windows will automatically overlay its shotcuts, this can make Windows' users fell "unhappy" because their beautyful icons can be hidden over by a such boring arrow like the default one. This article will show how to customize the default overlay shortcut icon on Windows likes remove, replace and restore

Hits: 2403 Written by Phan Võ Minh Thắng

Category: Know-how

Hiding Files inside an Image

ITSTUDENT.net - Hiding Files Inside an ImageITStudent.net - To secure our precious documents, we often use these 2 commond approaches: "hide it" or "lock it". If we used to try the "hide it" approach, we will always wonder that whether it can be reveal or not? This is really a difficult question for giving any satisfied answer, because it depends on "how you hide" it and the ability to "investigate" of others. This article would like to present one of "sophisticated" and interesting methods that is hiding files inside an image. One advantage of this approach is the orginal documents that need to be hiden will be disguised as a "normal" image file.

Hits: 3180 Written by Phan Võ Minh Thắng

Category: System Administration

Computer virus - How to diminish them under Windows platform

ITSTUDENT.net - Computer virus - How to diminish them under Windows platformITStudent.net - Using WINDOWS operation system to defend again computer VIRUS is a built-in feature of that most common OS. If we can deploy it with other methods efficiently, we can prevent VIRUS from attacking our computer.

Virus, in fact, is a special computer program that can execute  automatically under different methods:
1. Execue from AUTORUN that exists in USB thumb drive or in CD/DVD (these AUTORUN files call the executable files).
2. Execue from some specific executable Files such as .EXE, .COM, .CMD, .VBS, ...
3. Execue from dynamic linked Libraries .DLL (as services).

Hits: 3125 Written by Nguyễn Bảo

Category: Technologies

A comparision of SQL from different DBMS - Part 1: Data types

ITSTUDENT.net - A comparision of SQL from different DBMSITStudent.net - Learning Structured Query Language (SQL) on a particular Database Management System (DBMS) mean learning an application developed and customized from the Standard SQL from ISO and ANSI, lasted version is SQL-99. Each of DMBS Vendor have their own ways to create and develop their competencies. However, it can make database developers confuse while coding crossing these DBMSs. In this series of articles, ITStudent.net would like to make a comparision of the implemented SQL crossing DMBSs from different vendors such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sysbase, Firebird,...

Hits: 3092 Written by Phan Võ Minh Thắng

Category: Programming

HTML5 - Drawing in Canvas

html5 supperITStudent.net - To place a certain image on the web, we can use different image processing applications to composed our desired image in advance, then export it to various common-used filetypes like jpg, gif, png, bmp,...however these outcome images are often large in volume, so that can cause slowing down the loading speed of our web pages those containt such large image like that. Moreover, information which is contained inside these images is unreusable. Such kind of images have been considered as a set of "dead" bitmaps without any interactivities. Then, SVG technique has come (an application of the famous XML) to adress the issues. However, to be able to load and parse SVG sources, each browser needs its specific plugin. It is a good news that people has developed HTML5 that inherit all SVG advantages in processing image on the web, most of modern browsers now support the canvas element from HTML5 to show up images with underlying sources is text.

Hits: 3873 Written by Phan Võ Minh Thắng

Category: Programming

CSS Library - Create sticky notes

ITSTUDENT.net - CSS LibraryITStudent.net - Following the unique series of articles to introduce interesting CSS snippets that are extreamly useful, beautify for web developers at ITStudent.net. After getting farmilar with the technique to simply flip an image vertically, horizontally and event more powerful technique that help us to rotate any text or images to any particular angles. This article will add a simple shadowing technique, box-shadow, to enable you to produce a special effect for posting sticky note on your web.

Hits: 4392 Written by Phan Võ Minh Thắng

Category: Technologies

Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - Part 2: Considerations for a Data Warehouse Solution

ITSTUDENT.net - Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - Part 2: Considerations for a Data Warehouse SolutionITStudent.net - To be continued with the first article (Introduction to Data Warehousing) in the series of articles about Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012, this second article will discuss on "Considerations for a Data Warehouse Solution". Before starting a data warehousing project, there are several considerations of which you should be aware. Understanding these considerations will help you to create a data warehousing solution that addresses your specific needs and constraints. This article describles some of the key considerations for planning a data warehousing solution.

Hits: 5358 Written by Phan Võ Minh Thắng

Category: Programming

CSS Library - Rotating image, rotating text

cssITStudent.net - CSS is no doubt up there with the most important web technologies that we use. While html provides the structure it can be inconsistent and unpredictable across different new and old browsers. Css is where the html is styled though, and where we get creative, eye-caching as well as addressing those inconsistencies. ITStudent.net loves to present a series of articles about CSS snippets that are extreamly useful, beautify for web developers. The next snippet we would like to introduce is for rotating image and rotating text.

Hits: 4641 Written by Phan Võ Minh Thắng